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A research update

It's been a while since my last post here, mainly because I haven't been working on anything overly complicated. Since June, I've been working mostly on a dashboard and paper writing/editing (including the European Healthcare Design Conference), so there hasn't been much interesting to write. Today though I've had a little switch back into some

PHP Laravel - emptying database during seeding with foreign key constraints

It was little over a decade ago when I first began my developing career in some of the most basic of web-based projects. Back in those days, I was primarily based in web-development for a variety of projects including DW4N and a range of forums. In this challenge, PHP was my primary language of use,

C# adding reference error - Checking a C++ DLL is valid for a C# project

DLLs compatible with C# projects can either be managed or unmanaged. However, if they're unmanaged, they cannot be included in the project using the standard References->Add Reference->Browse->OK method, as only managed DLLs can be added in .net applications in this method. To add unmanaged DLLs you need to use a form of DLLImport, which I

A look back at 2015

With 2015 now well and truly over, I thought it might make for a good reflection to look back at how 2015 went in terms of the EngD, and prepare some goals for 2016 to measure a successful year. This way, when it comes to the end of 2016, I can look back and see

Random string generator for Grasshopper

As a bit of something quick and fun, I produced a random string generator component for Grasshopper. It's a simple component with three inputs to control the number, length and chars included of strings and returns one output, a list of randomly generated strings. Quite what you'd wish to use this for I don't know,

How to obtain minimum and maximum values from lists in Grasshopper - Version 2

In this previous post I showed the ways in which we can obtain the minimum and maximum values from lists of numbers in Grasshopper. I presented three solutions, using native Grasshopper components (with unintuitive naming), building your own using a C# script, or using a component which I offered for download. Since then, I found

How to obtain the minimum and maximum values from a list in Grasshopper

Sometimes you need to know what the minimum and the maximum values are in a list or from a collection of lists. In Grasshopper, there are min and max components which will take two values and return the minimum and maximum respectively, but there isn't a component for finding the min/max values within a list

How to convert OpenCV cv::mat to System Bitmap to System ImageSource

OpenCV is an open source computer vision library which can be used for a wide variety of things such as face recognition, people detection, motion tracking, video editing and image manipulation. For my undergraduate project, I made use of the OpenCV libraries to create a facial recognition system. It used a webcam to detect ID

Mouse Jiggle Tool - Create your own in C#

Mouse jiggling is rarely a useful tool or achievement except in cases where sending the computer to sleep would cause the interruption of another process - a system scan, render, or other such task which takes a large amount of time and you wish to leave it running over night. Even then, the usefulness of

C++/CLI Wrapper - marshalling GUIDs

GUIDs, unique identifiers which can be assigned to items in C# and C++ are another set of variables which, despite sharing many characteristics, need to be marshalled between the C# implementation and C++ implementations when using the CLI wrapper. Marshalling GUIDs between System.Guid and GUID GUIDs are useful variables to pass between C# and C++