Colour Archive

C# - Getting a list of every 'color' from System.Drawing or System.Windows.Media

In C# there are two colour structures in existence for making easy reference to a number of colours without the need to use RGB or Hex codes. However, they tend to be accessible only by typing their name - there isn't an easy way to simply obtain a random colour from these structures. But if

C# WPF - Convert colour to brush for UI styling

Something that may be occasionally frustrating is trying to quickly colour a UI element on a WPF window programmatically when you know the colour code, or maybe even have a 'color' variable storing the colour for you. There can be various ways to do this depending on how you have your colour stored, so this

Interpolating data points to produce colour maps - code examples

For a lot of the work I do in my research, I need to produce colour maps which can visualise data in a user-friendly way while still getting across the necessary elements of the analysis performed. In my current area of research, looking at wayfinding tools to analyse healthcare building design for natural wayfinding, I'm