Over the course of my work I encounter some websites which are helpful immediately, and some which are helpful later, long after I have forgotten how I found them! Here is a collection of links I consider to be useful to me and maybe, hopefully, they'll be useful to you as well.

ACU The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) were founded in 1903 and are the governing body for British motorcycle racing of all disciplines, including road racing. The ACU are the ones who issue my licence and test me every 3 years minimum for my Clerk of the Course licence. They are a great source of information for getting started in motorcycle racing of any kind (motorcross, enduro, etc.) or a copy of the rules and regulations of our sport.
CICE The Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering (CICE) is based in Loughborough University and are the centre through which I conduct my research. There is a lot of pioneering research being done with CICE so it would be well worth a look to see what other EngDs in my cohort are doing.
Cheshire Marshals The Cheshire Marshals Association organise motorcycle marshals for the North West circuits such as Oulton Park, Three Sisters, Aintree among others. They organise training each close season and socials to keep everyone entertained all year round.
Smart-Viz Smart-Viz is a collection of dashboards for data visualisation created by the Smart Space team with BuroHappold. Some dashboards are created by me but the main purpose of the site is demonstrating the power of data analytics and visualisation.
Throttle Monkey The Throttle Monkey forum was established in the mid-00's for motorcycle track day people to organise meet ups and ride-outs and other such motorcycle related fun. The forum has migrated a bit from its original purpose as trends and interests have moved along, but is still a great place to chat bikes with like-minded individuals.

Disclaimer: These links were ok for me, but there is no guarantee they will be ok for you. Clicking links is done so entirely at your own risk and I can take no liability for what may occur if you visit them.