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PHP Laravel - emptying database during seeding with foreign key constraints

It was little over a decade ago when I first began my developing career in some of the most basic of web-based projects. Back in those days, I was primarily based in web-development for a variety of projects including DW4N and a range of forums. In this challenge, PHP was my primary language of use,

Upload files via FTP with C#

Prior to going to India, I was looking at using sockets to send data between C# applications and web servers. While the work was interesting and a good insight into the use of NodeJS and various other pieces of the technology, it was unfortunately unable to achieve the task I had been set. This was

Quickly obtain every file name in a directory with C#

A quick post today showing how we can obtain the file name for every file in a given directory using C#. This might be useful for any kit where reading every file, or every kind of file in a directory is needed - e.g. reading in various data files. In this weeks research work, I

How to use sockets to send data from a C# application to a server/webpage

Continuing the current them of working with NodeJS and sockets before I go on holiday for a couple of weeks, this post is going to look at how we can send data from a C# application to a server/webpage using Javascript and NodeJS. Previously in this theme we've looked at using NodeJS and Socket.IO to

Using sockets to communicate between Javascript and C# with NodeJS

Previously, we looked at how to create a simple chat application between two web clients using NodeJS and sockets. Those that know me however, know that web development is not my preferred role anymore (not since the days of DW4N, MP101 and my pet project Lobo Malo anyway), so the work in Javascript and NodeJS

Simple chat application with NodeJS and Socket.IO

This week has been about playing with sockets for some data communication between C# and Javascript. While getting to grips with the basics of the socket libraries, I created a simple chat application to run on my local machine. It served well as a basic introduction to sockets and the NodeJS package, so I thought

NodeJS - how to install Socket.IO

This week my focus at work has shifted slightly away from Grasshopper and back into the world of web development, server communications and associated tasks. For part of my work, I created some test files to play about with sockets in Javascript (the bigger picture is to use sockets to communicate between some C# code