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Mouse Jiggle Tool - Create your own in C#

Mouse jiggling is rarely a useful tool or achievement except in cases where sending the computer to sleep would cause the interruption of another process - a system scan, render, or other such task which takes a large amount of time and you wish to leave it running over night. Even then, the usefulness of

C# Global Keyboard Listeners - implementation of key hooks

In a previous post I briefly outlined the pros and cons of using global event listeners. Although the summary was to use them with caution, the entire use of listeners only came about due to a quick bit of personal programming I did yesterday, in which global listeners were a necessity (due to the program

Global keyboard listeners - pros and cons

As discussed previously, event listeners are a key component to GUI development and good software development. Being able to record mouse clicks, or keyboard keys can enhance the usability of software for the end-users. In this post, I intend to show you how to implement a global keyboard listener for C#. What is a global