Holiday Archive

A visit to Berlin, Germany

Ok so first off, I apologise for the delay in this write-up! I went to Berlin at the end of May (29th May - 2nd June) and since returning have been swamped with work (conferences, paper writing and thesis mostly). We booked Berlin in April using because none of us could be bothered to

A visit to Trondheim, Norway

In October I was invited to Trondheim, Norway, for a workshop at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on the 25th and 26th October. I was lucky enough to be able to fly out on the 21st October and spend the weekend in Trondheim as a tourist prior to the workshop at the university.

To India and back...

From September 14th to September 28th, James and myself took a holiday to India (hence the lack of coding posts recently - it's been manic back in the office since our return!). The trip was designed as a holiday for James to revisit India (having been in 2010) and for me to use my passport

What I did on my holiday...

It is a very rare thing for me to take a holiday of any substantial amount of time away from work. I like to keep myself busy and the idea of spending time doing nothing doesn't interest me. My last proper holiday of sorts was nigh on 10 years ago while I was still at