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Rhino error - This object cannot be modified because it is controlled by a document

So it's been a bit busy recently at work writing up literature review notes, preparing for a visit to Trondheim, Norway, and continuing my research into operational modelling and planning for NHS hospitals. One of the key concepts of the development work I am currently undertaking to solve a research aim is the use of

How to pass custom data between Grasshopper components

Grasshopper is designed to work with components that handle specific functions, rather than components which try to do an 'all-in-one' approach. When designing your own custom Grasshopper components, there might be a need to pass custom data along the wires between components. This is easy enough to do when you know how, but getting to

How to access geometry Guids in Grasshopper components

This month has been a nice month for software development in my research, working on creating new analysis for healthcare design. The majority of it has been relatively straight forward (except the interpolation issue) working in C++ to produce the analysis. However, to move towards a tool which can be used in industry, I have

Obtaining the points that make up a polyline in Grasshopper/Rhino

As part of my EngD I work alongside other engineers solving day-to-day problems. James, a fellow research engineer at BuroHappold, and I regularly venture down the path of Grasshopper development. James works in Grasshopper for the majority of his work and his website (viewable here) contains a lot of hints and tips on getting Grasshopper

HTML include - object orientated development in HTML

Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) is the backbone of the internet and has evolved since its early days in the 1990's as a mark-up language for text. Currently, we are in a state of HTML5 which has brought with it many new features to make our webpages more interesting and interactive, such as the canvas

Inheriting or Inclusion, the differences between both

Many programming languages make use of inheritance and inclusion. For beginner programmers, this can be a daunting concept but once understood, they can open up a world of new possibilities for your software development. This post is aimed at those who have an understanding of programming, but perhaps need or want a little example of