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How to use sockets to send data from a C# application to a server/webpage

Continuing the current them of working with NodeJS and sockets before I go on holiday for a couple of weeks, this post is going to look at how we can send data from a C# application to a server/webpage using Javascript and NodeJS. Previously in this theme we've looked at using NodeJS and Socket.IO to

Using sockets to communicate between Javascript and C# with NodeJS

Previously, we looked at how to create a simple chat application between two web clients using NodeJS and sockets. Those that know me however, know that web development is not my preferred role anymore (not since the days of DW4N, MP101 and my pet project Lobo Malo anyway), so the work in Javascript and NodeJS

How to add custom User Data to Rhino Objects

Objects in Rhino (the 3D modelling software, not the organs of the animal) have the option to attach custom user data that you may wish to share across tools. This might be of particular use in Grasshopper, enabling you to send one piece of geometry down the wires with custom data attached, rather than having

How to pass custom data between Grasshopper components

Grasshopper is designed to work with components that handle specific functions, rather than components which try to do an 'all-in-one' approach. When designing your own custom Grasshopper components, there might be a need to pass custom data along the wires between components. This is easy enough to do when you know how, but getting to