Over the course of my travels, I have worked with many people. Here is a selection of some of them with their own websites that might take your fancy.

James Ramsden James is a fellow Research Engineer in the BuroHappold Smart team, working in collaboration with the Bath and Bristol Systems Centre. James' research entails holistic building design and optimisation. He builds tools in Grasshopper, and is spending time trying to break Grasshopper to aid the parametric design process. His blog contains notes from his research as well as hints and tips on working with Grasshopper and C# scripts.
Glenn Harding Glenn is a fellow Computer Science graduate from Keele University. Graduating in July 2013 alongside myself, Glenn has found work in the web development industry in his home town, but his talents don't stop there - with abilities in software development and 3D modelling.
Miguel Rus Miguel and I met at BuroHappold with Miguel working out of the London office. An architect by trade, Miguel has a lot of experience in Grasshopper. His website, I Like Architecture, is the architecture blog that showcases unique contemporary designs, projects and concepts to those searching for architecture and design inspiration.
Paul Allain Paul and I work together at BuroHappold, with Paul's role in the London office being software developer and people flow modeler. In his spare time he enjoys thrashing around on a guitar, a sample of which is linked to here.
Chris Jeffery Chris and I first met doing a journalism course over an 8 week period in the early 00's. Chris and I spent many a day brainstorming new ideas that never truly came into fruition. One that did however, is the Youth Rail Enthusiasts Association (YREA). The YREA was founded in 2010 to bring together young railfans from across Great Britain. By hosting competitions and events, providing socialising facilities, and creating educational resources, the YREA's mission is to provide the ultimate hangout for the nation's young trainspotting community.
Daniel Chorley Daniel and I go back over ten years during the height of forum development and usage through the running, maintaining and general playing around on a Harry Potter roleplay forum. Times have moved on though and now Daniel works in the Royal Air Force with an interest in DJing and photography.
Jamie Watson Jamie and I also go back a long time with forum and web management in the mid-00's. In 2009, Jamie was the one who convinced me to apply to Keele to undertake my Computer Science degree, directly resulting in my placement there, and by a knock-on effect, where I am today. These days, Jamie works as a web developer and graphic designer, with some of his work showcased on his website.
Bemsee Bemsee are the British Motorcycle Racing Club, one of the oldest racing clubs still in operation. I volunteer as a Clerk of the Course and marshal for Bemsee, and if you're interesting in getting into motorcycle racing, as a competitor or volunteer, then I recommend you check out their website.

Disclaimer: While I work, or have worked, with all of the people listed here, their websites are their own and as such, I can take no liability for what may occur if you visit them.